Deep Drawn Aluminum is our Specialty! Our team has extensive engineering experience and can assist you in all stages of the development of your deep drawn aluminum products. Bringing EMEC in at the beginning stages of a project will allow us to work with your engineers to identify cost-efficient designs to ensure a more economical end result.

Multiple wall thickness and diameters are obtainable with our deep drawn aluminum process and can reduce costly secondary operations. Other forming operations such as piercing, necking coining and spinning can be provided by EMEC to produce a more complete deep drawn aluminum part for our customers.

Our Deep Drawn Aluminum Products are produced under the strictest of quality control standards. We feel our parts are a direct reflection of ourselves and insist on producing only the best. We at EMEC take great pride in the ability to hold the tightest of tolerances. Our quality and consistency is unmatched in deep drawn aluminum products. The following is a list of tolerances we typically hold.

Length: +/_ .005"
Diameter: +/- .005"
Wall thickness *: +/- .003"
Straightness: <.010"/ft
Trim squareness: < 0.5 deg

  • Parts with a wall thickness that is close to the original blank thickness may require an increased tolerance".

  • These are typical conditions based on a straight wall aluminum tube. Tapers, chamfers and multiple diameters as well as heat-treating may influence these tolerances.

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